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Josh and Rachael-Engagment Photos!

Rachael and I went through the Interior Design program at UF together and she ended up being one of my best friends and bridesmaids at my wedding! Dan and I drove up to Atlanta and hit up some historic/fun areas to take these photos. Excited to take their wedding photos in February!

Family Portraits-The Cohens

This photo-shoot was great! There were three generations: grandfather, dad and...Dane! I loved seeing the resemblance between the generations and the interaction between grandpa and Dane! This little guy is definitely much loved!

Family Portraits-The Darmafalls!

Kevin, Jen and Max Darmafall were such a wonderful family to photograph! Max is surely a runner! I definitely got a workout following him around :). Kevin and Jen wanted some cute romantic ones too :). Here are some fun ones:

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