2011- a new start for us!

As a designer, I am never satisfied with the look of something. I love change and expect new things to come down my path at any moment. One of my favorite feelings is the feeling of a fresh start. This website will be a little less "professional" and a little more "me" as I journey through life with my camera. I have learned that life is too short and too beautiful to be clean-cut and sterile. I want you guys to see how much I love taking pictures...that's it. So if you are interested, please keep updated and follow this blog!

I have cleared out a bunch of old blogs, but a lot of the pictures are still available on my portfolio website: sereengualtieriphotography.com. Please check that out as well!

So here we go for 2011...cheers!

New blog coming soon!

Please excuse the mess as we work to beautify this site! Keep an eye out!

The Shores!

I love the Shore family! It was fun running after Miles and trying to capture him with a high shutter-speed and fast legs! I love how these photos turned out because everyone was themselves and all of these photos are so genuine! They live in the outskirts of Gainesville in a rural area so the sun setting on their green fields was the perfect atmosphere for this fun family.

Weinert Wedding!

Congratulations David and Kathleen! You might remember them from the engagement shoot we did about 4 months ago :). Their ceremony took place on the weekend before Dan and I's anniversary and was in the same place that we had gotten married 2 years ago! It was definitely fun being on the other side :). Their reception was spectacular! It took place at the Haile Plantation Golf and Country club and had a wine theme. Needless to say the sun setting while guests ate dinner and drank sangria among the golf hills was breath-taking!


Baby Kolb!

My good friends Danielle and Joseph just had their first baby, and it is a beautiful, out-of-this-world-cute girl! Here are a few sneak peeks!


Duncan Wedding!

I knew Rachel in college when we labored in Design school together at UF. She met her fiance David at Harry's restaurant in Gainesville where they were both working. 2 years after graduating, Rachel lets me know the exciting news that she is engaged and that she wants me to photograph her wedding! Anyways, I loved how these pictures turned out! At first I was bummed that it was such a cloudy day but the gray sky made for some epic backdrops for this gorgeous couple!


Antoine and Aimee-Engagement Session

Antoine and Aimee are both french! However, that's not the reason they fell in love. In the past two years, they have both been working diligently at planting a church on Florida State University campus! They knew each other in college, but it wasn't until they were on a missionary team together that they realized that they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives!

Antoine and Aimee drove down to Gainesville from Tallahassee for the engagement shoot and we enjoyed a meal together with friends and family before going on our photoshoot. It was pouring! We took a bunch of shots indoors, but just before sunset the rain stopped just long enough for us to visit a community garden and take some awesome pictures by some beautiful sunflowers. Love them!

David and Kathleen-Engagement Session!

David and Kathleen started dating after serving the homeless together here in Gainesville. It was great getting to know them through the session and seeing how fun-loving and genuinely happy they were to be together. Can't wait for their wedding in August!

These photos were taken on the side of SR 441! We saw this field with white wild flowers blooming all over the place! Needless to say, we had to take this side-trip and capture David and Kathleen playing in the beautiful array of flowers!

Engagement-Ray and Julie

Two friends from high school fall in love five years after they've graduated! I knew both of these lovely people in two separate circles of friends, so when I found out they had recently gotten engaged, I was surprised and elated for them! So glad they called me about photographing their special day!

These shots were taken at Rollins College campus in Winter Park. Lovely old spanish style buildings with clean landscaping and an awesome dock for occasions such as this! This was where Ray proposed to Julie, and luckily for me, the place was charming! Looking forward to returning there for their wedding ceremony in November :).

Dunne Wedding!

Sorry that I haven't been updating the site very much! It has been a crazy few weeks with photo-shoots, weddings and many of you know that I am a painter as well. I have been traveling and doing many art shows in Gainesville throughout the month of June and I have just barely had time to breath! Anyways, cheers to updated blogs!

I played volleyball with Andrea in high school and had a blast at her wedding seeing old friends! She is now happily married to Mr. Dunne (Sean) who skillfully and masterfully put together the reception decorations. So here's another toast to fiances who get things done!

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