Jessica and Jeff-Engagment Pictures

'Tis the season for Engagement shoots! I can't get enough! Jessica and Jeff are close friends of ours and Dan and I naturally felt comfortable around them and them us...so these pics are totally genuine! I was soo happy with how the lighting turned out that day and Dan, being my handy lighting manager did an amazing job making everything work beautifully! Enjoy! These are some of my faves :).


Corissa and Brennan Engagement Photos!

Corissa and Brennan have got it: true love! I enjoyed taking their photos so much. They had such a genuine excitement for one another that it was easy to capture some great moments! We went down some backstreets of Gainesville and saw some neat houses with red doors (i have a slight obsession with red doors) and then headed to campus near sunset. So grateful for cool weather!


Our Website!

If you haven't already, be sure to visit our new website!


Josh and Rachael-Engagment Photos!

Rachael and I went through the Interior Design program at UF together and she ended up being one of my best friends and bridesmaids at my wedding! Dan and I drove up to Atlanta and hit up some historic/fun areas to take these photos. Excited to take their wedding photos in February!

Family Portraits-The Cohens

This photo-shoot was great! There were three generations: grandfather, dad and...Dane! I loved seeing the resemblance between the generations and the interaction between grandpa and Dane! This little guy is definitely much loved!

Family Portraits-The Darmafalls!

Kevin, Jen and Max Darmafall were such a wonderful family to photograph! Max is surely a runner! I definitely got a workout following him around :). Kevin and Jen wanted some cute romantic ones too :). Here are some fun ones:


New Website Launch!

http://sereengualtieriphotography.com is now up and running! Check it out! I will continue to post to the blog but the website will be my main means of reaching the public! Thank you for your support :).


Matt and Alex Wooten-Trash the Dress Bridal Session!

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