2011- a new start for us!

As a designer, I am never satisfied with the look of something. I love change and expect new things to come down my path at any moment. One of my favorite feelings is the feeling of a fresh start. This website will be a little less "professional" and a little more "me" as I journey through life with my camera. I have learned that life is too short and too beautiful to be clean-cut and sterile. I want you guys to see how much I love taking pictures...that's it. So if you are interested, please keep updated and follow this blog!

I have cleared out a bunch of old blogs, but a lot of the pictures are still available on my portfolio website: sereengualtieriphotography.com. Please check that out as well!

So here we go for 2011...cheers!

New blog coming soon!

Please excuse the mess as we work to beautify this site! Keep an eye out!

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